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Back to Basics. July 19, 2011

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Its been a while since I’ve posted on this blog. No excuses. Just chaos. I’ve been getting a bit of pressure & encouragement to get back to the basics of how this all started and write more. [thank you for the push. *wink*]

I’ll be honest, I got caught up. In life, I mean. Its funny because people always ask me the same basic questions. What do you do? And how did you get started? The irony & beauty of it all is that nothing EVER goes as planned. In life, personally & in business, love, or relationships, the most consistent thing is that nothing is ever consistent. So, with all the hiccups, surprises (good and bad), and the roller coaster of each day, I am guilty of getting “caught up” in the whirlwind and took a break from writing & posting. My apologies. I promise to try & do better.

Summer 2011 has been the most unpredictable yet. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of reflection & reminiscing on how so much of my life has changed. I cannot say this enough, but life is really the best teacher. I’m still trying to grow & get better every day. Still reaching for the impossible because I know if I fall short, it’ll still be beyond amazing. I have truly been blessed with incredible friends & love. I know my future is changing every day by the decisions & actions I take today – and that is exciting. What started out as a dream, has organically grown into what I love daily and my life. It has blossomed into a few different projects and I treasure the opportunity to share it with anyone who dreams, and everyone who has supported me. I’m anchored by my loved ones and pushed by those who believe. This is just the beginning & I’m humbled by the entire journey.


Jennifer Aniston goes viral March 24, 2011

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I am so thrilled to be working with smartwater as one of our on-going sponsors. Their team has been such a pleasure to work with & their unconditional support has been beyond amazing in the growth of Atlanta Gspots. I have always admired their fun energy, and innovative attitude with their branding. Who can forget those Jennifer Aniston ads?!

Their latest brilliant project was to make a viral video for YouTube with our favorite girl next door. I actually got the inside scoop from my smartwater team that Jen collaborated with Chelsea Handler to write the mock up for the video. [apparently they are good friends] I love the concept & think its so much fun. As always, a slam dunk for their marketing & branding team. Pure genius kudos to both of these funny, smart women. (the YouTube video had over 1 million hits within a couple days of being leaked!)

Quite proud to be partnered with such a *smart* brand ;)  Hope you enjoy!


Delicious Pashion March 2, 2011

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The Mod Life: Cultural Field Notes for Rogues & Vogues


Sexy Lovely Free February 21, 2011

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There are a few special people who come into your life and they have this magical ability to uplift your spirits and push you to be a better version of who you already are. They are the positive inspiration that requires you to “upgrade” all of your operating systems. One of those people in my life, is my very dear friend Tova Gelfond Rosenberg. We were introduced by another good friend and from day one, Tova swept me off my feet with her irresistible sweetness, savvy chic attitude, and quick wit! She was the charming little package: Smart, Funny, Sweet, and GORGEOUS!

Ever since our paths crossed, we’ve been “connecting” in many different ways. Recently, we caught up over drinks, and I was overjoyed to talk about her new blog, where it is all things Tova! As a journalist by trade, editor-in-chief at Blush magazine, you immediately fall in love with all of her posts. Everything from her love affair with Blowpops to her latest obsession, poppies. This girl has a gift with words that will tickle your fancy. Please check it out & support her indulgent passions, I guarantee you’ll get addicted like I have.

Reaching for the stars, together!


Love is Art February 9, 2011

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Love is art is an innovative new way to share an incredible experience with that special someone. If you want to try something new for Valentine’s Day, this is the way to go! The love between two people is just as unique and one of a kind as a piece of artwork. No one can duplicate the chemistry and I really can’t think of anything more fun ;)

“Art takes patience, dedication, practice, creativity, open mind, and an open heart…so does love. Love is art..”
Founder – Jeremy Brown

From now until midnight 2/14/2011, LIA will be donating 15% of all kits sold
to One Love Generation.

Get your LIA kit now at   Its the PERFECT Valentine’s Day gift. So original, creative, sexy, and fun!

Here are a couple pics from the Love is Art event at Kai Lin Art Gallery.


Women in the Spotlight February 8, 2011

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I got asked to be a featured panelist speaker at this amazing conference! Women in the Spotlight will be held at the W Buckhead March 17-20. Its a honor & privilege to be a part of this event. Check out the headliners!


Eat your heart out! February 2, 2011

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My 1st newsletter with The Atlantan Magazine (Modern Luxury). So excited about this partnership! Enjoy :)

Grace Lee